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Joint Call for Applications – Climate Ninjas Program | Bridging the Gap: Empowering Youth from Knowledge to Action

Joint Call for Applications – Climate Ninjas Program | Bridging the Gap: Empowering Youth from Knowledge to Action

Dear Indian Youth Climate Network,

As we all may be aware, the IYCN kicked off this year with a resounding commitment to strategic priorities identified during the Annual Planning Weekend 2023, where we invited active members, advisors, alumni, and youth leaders who were leading climate actions initiatives on ground.

These priorities are not just a focus for us; they are the driving force behind the youth climate solutions movement in India:

  1. Climate Change Communications
  2. Sustainable Lifestyle & Circular Economy
  3. Green Sector Jobs/Opportunities

In these critical areas, there is a noticeable gap that the youth must fill. These priorities are not merely points on Youth’s agenda; they are the key components that will drive Bharat towards a sustainable future.

As we embark on this transformative journey in the realm of climate action, Many attendees from past workshops have now become our partners and taken leadership roles, leading Agents of Change in their respective cities. We also recognize that many eager young minds and passionate volunteers were unable to participate in Agents of Change capacity building workshops and also missed the opportunity to participate in the upcoming LCOY India 2023 due to overwhelming response from across the nation. We understand your burning desire to learn, and translate that knowledge into action, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Following the triumphant launch of the Indian Youth Circular Economy  Forum (IYCEF) and Circular Campus Initiative (CCI), we are excited to introduce the next and most important chapter to strengthen the Indian Youth Climate Solutions Movement – A joint call for applications with Sustainability Mafia for Climate Ninja Programs that will propel you into the forefront of tomorrow’s climate leaders.

Why Climate Ninjas?

Our world is at a critical juncture when it comes to climate change, and sustainability has become the guiding principle of our times. The urgency of climate challenges is growing, and the need for brilliant minds to address these challenges is greater than ever. However, there exists a gap between the urgency of these sustainability issues and a clear path for individuals to enter this field. Many students and young people ask themselves questions like, “How do I navigate this complex landscape? What do terms like COP, Net Zero, and Carbon Credits mean? Where do I begin my journey to combat climate change?”

Enter Climate Ninja 3.0 – a meticulously designed program for YOU to learn from real-world climate pioneers and delve deep into diverse climate themes.

About The Program:

The Climate Ninja Program, SusMafia’s unique Climate Education course is back with its 3rd Cohort. Ninjas get to interact with 10 leading Indian Climate Tech Entrepreneurs across 10 curated Masterclasses, and a shot at interning at one of India’s leading Climate Tech Startups

What Awaits You:

Practical Immersion: Immerse yourself in a 5-week curriculum of hands-on masterclasses, guided by industry veterans.

Tangible Insights: Explore key themes like water intelligence, carbon markets, energy efficiency, climate investments, and more.

Connected Community: Join a dynamic cohort of like-minded individuals, fostering lifelong connections and the exchange of innovative ideas.

Launch a Climate Ninja Chapter: Become the driving force for climate action at your university by enabling, leading and running your own cohort of Sustainability-crazy ninjas!

Call for Applications: Applications are open for UG and PG students and recent graduates looking to transition their careers into Climate. We’re accepting applications till 10th September. APPLY NOW and launch your Climate Action journey!


Application form –

Website –


If you’ve participated in the Agents of Change Program, we highly encourage you to enroll in Climate Ninja 3.0. For those who may have missed the initial deadline, rest assured that you’re still welcome to apply and become a part of this exciting movement. Your involvement in the Climate Ninja movement is not just an investment in your future; it’s a commitment to the future of India and the planet. By equipping our youth with the knowledge, skills, and passion to address sustainability challenges, we are nurturing the next generation of leaders who will drive India’s transition towards a more sustainable and climate-resilient future. Your actions today will directly contribute to India’s efforts in meeting its climate goals, enhancing its global standing, and building a greener, more prosperous nation.

Join us in this decade of action, and let’s celebrate the power of Indian Youth Climate Solutions by being an active part of it. Your moment has come to lead the way towards a sustainable future for Bharat and the world.

Support. Unite. Share. Engage. Inspire. Change.