Indian Youth Climate Network

As a pilot project, 5 young women from the rural community were trained to hold village meetings for 6 months in 30 villages to share information on climate change, encourage them to take ownership of their own welfare as well as avail government schemes in the context of adverse impacts of changing climate.

The aim is to create a clean technology project in rural India that will reduce greenhouse gases and work towards reducing the heating of the planet. The first rural energy project of IYCN was implemented in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu in a village called MGR Nagar on the outskirts of Coimbatore. In collaboration with an entity present in the area, solar lanterns are distributed to the villages at highly subsidized prices that help them in increased income, studies, safety, etc. Now other options, such as solar micro-grids, are also. Now other options, such as solar micro-grids, are also being considered.