IYCN is glad to engage with

The People’s World Commission on Drought and Flood

for raising awareness, action and policy influence

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For long the world has been focusing on reducing carbon emissions for addressing the climate change crisis. There is sufficient evidence now that while this is imperative, the planet needs healing and for that restoring ecosystems and nature rejuvenation is imperative. This will not happen without water.  Most of the disasters caused by climate change are due to water and yet the solution also lies in water.  Over the past few years the world has seen an increase in area, duration and intensity of drought and flood which has led to increased inequality, food insecurity, economic loss and distress migration. To bring about mitigation and adaptation and resilience the Peoples World Commission on Drought and Flood ( www.pwcdf.org) has been formed. The purpose is to bring people together and search for solutions. India has tremendous and time tested solutions to offer to the rest of the world and within the country itself. The website gives some details of the Commission but it’s work in progress.