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Welcome to the Indian Youth Climate Network’s Newsletter! With this initiative, our effort is to provide a recap of news relating to climate change and environment in the month gone by. There will also be a sprinkling of interesting tidbits in the form of blogs, opinion pieces, interviews with young entrepreneurs and leaders, important knowledge resources, innovative practices, photos, etc. from time to time.

Find the August 2017 issue here.

Copyright and Editorial Policy:

IYCN doesn’t hold any copyright of content submitted by readers. The contribution should be original, and not plagiarized. In case you are referring to someone else’s work or providing direct quotes from somewhere, please provide links or references.

If you’d like to contribute to our newsletter, or provide feedback, questions, or make suggestions, please send an email to nuvodita@iycn.in

For work, collaborations or membership related enquiries, please send an email to manish@iycn.in

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