The COP 21 for dummies


Throughout November and December the IYCN and associates will be holding your hand and leading you calmly through the maze of negotiations and complicated concepts that is the COP 21. How can these negotiations that will determine our futures be so poorly presented and understood?? Well fear not! We are here to jargon bust, simplify, elucidate and generally tell you all you need to know about climate change, the COP21 and why it’s important for you.

This blog is for everyone who hears about the COP 21 negotiations in the news and wonders: What’s all the fuss about? …how does it work?… why does it matter.. And how can I get involved? You can find the blog -posts on What’s with the Climate.

Over the next two months we will explain everything from the overall concept of climate change and the UNFCCC to the specific issues in India and the role the youth of India have to play.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the disentangling of acronyms, the witty titles, and the insightful commentary to come. You can also share your opinions on climate change negotiations, reflections on climate discourse by writing to Relevant ones will be published on What’s with the climate.

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