Badlaav 2013: Delhi Youth Summit on Climate change and Bio-diversity



The climate change crisis is getting graver with every passing day. Against the safe limit of 350 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere, it has already crossed 400 ppm. India is the one of the 12 global biodiversity hotspots as well as the Secretariat of Convention of Biodiversity (CBD) till 2014. Still we find that the actions currently being taken by the Indian government are inadequate to mitigate the impacts of climate change on biodiversity.

As a young country, through demographic dividend, a large part of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the youth. Keeping this in mind and given our mandate as a youth organization we are planning to host Badlaav, a three-day youth summit on Climate Change and Biodiversity in Delhi in September 2013.

More such regional youth summits are also encouraged.


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