Be a Patron of India’s Climate Movement as there is so much IYCN members can do once finances are available!

Climate Solutions Road Tour was enabled by generous donors and we all know what that did !

.Rs 3000 annually
.Rs 2000 annually
.Rs 1000 annually

You get:
1. Invitation & access to all our events at a discount
2. Annual report of IYCN activities
3. Knowledge resources such as journal, booklets, web links, movie CDs
4. Organic T-shirt with category A
5. Organic Compost with category B
6. Cloth Bag with category C
Please provide 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of your Patron kit.


Certain campaigns & projects offer immediate impact opportunities as the groundwork is ready and all that is needed is one last brick!
Here listed are such opportunities for you to donate to :


Light–up their Lives

Garbage Creates Jobs

Rural Climate Fellows


Who brings life to the network & gifts invaluable time to the cause? It’s the Volunteer.

Each member of IYCN network is a volunteer who has taken up responsibility of her/his interest – Project Coordinator, Website Designer, Climate Leadership Trainer, Eco Auditor, Climate Policy Coordinator.

Training & compensation is provided as per project specifications.

Long-term part-time

  • Donor and CSR Funding Coordinator-Delhi (2 positions)
  • National Youth Outreach Coordinator-North, East, West, South, North-East (5 positions)
  • Eco Audit Project Coordinator- Hyderabad (1 position)
  • Climate Leadership Trainer – Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Srinagar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Udaipur (15 positions)

Short-term part-time

  • Youth Summit Coordinator – Delhi (2 positions)
  • Groundwater Recharge Project Coordinator – Hyderabad (1 position)
  • Project Coordinator – Light-up their Lives campaign (1 position)