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IYCN Till Date

In last 5 years, IYCN has organised campaigns to encourage action, solution-based projects, and events to bring people’s voice together on specific demands for action on climate change. Our members have also supported activities of other entities & groups through experience-sharing & voluntary time.

The following have been our highlight activities:


  • Climate Leadership Training:- training on the issue of climate change, solutions, policies has been a key outreach activity for IYCN that has inspired so many young people to join the network, take action in their region as well as commit to becoming a trainer themselves
  • Youth Summits:- 3-day/6-day summits on climate change, sustainable solutions, and skill-building sessions for participants that also help make a regional base of informed youth equipped to engage with the cause
  • Days of Action:- mobilising youth for symbolic actions on a chosen day is a great time to see creativity of people from various backgrounds and make memories
  • Great Power Race:- a campus climate challenge between students of India, China & USA to come up with solutions for their respective campus was a great motivator which saw IIT Delhi win the global challenge. The concept has good potential to be customised and applied to India
  • Agents of Change:- a team of people who follow policies on climate & biodiversity participate in events to learn from & present views of the youth to government delegates, NGOs, community groups. IYCN delegations have been attending UN COPs & consultations in India and have contributed to negotiations or processes.
  • Eco Audit:- college students trained to perform audit of corporate offices, school buildings, etc have covered 25 organisations till date to assess their impact on environment and make recommendations for sustainable business practices
  • Rural Climate Fellows:- as a pilot project, 5 young women from the rural community were trained to hold village meetings for 6 months in 30 villages to share information on climate change, encourage them to take ownership of their own welfare as well as avail government schemes in the context of adverse impacts of changing climate
  • Solutions Fair:- a youth fest & solutions fair was organized in J&K for clean-tech companies to show their products and services as a solution for the environment issues of that state. IYCN members also brainstormed with representatives from chambers of commerce and government to make joint recommendations for the environmental policies of that state in front of the Chief Minister.
  • Groundwater Recharge Project:- with guidance from mentors & cooperation from RWA, the IYCN team got areas demarcated as community pits to let water seep into the ground
  • Eco-tourism:- to reduce environmental impact of pilgrimages such as Manimahesh yatra & Amarnath yatra, IYCN members have organised & supported waste & water management on the yatra routes
  • Rural Energy Project:- in collaboration with an entity present in the area, solar lanterns are distributed to the villages at highly subsidised prices that helps them in increased income, studies, safety, etc. Now other options such as solar micro-grids are also being considered
  • Garbage Creates Jobs:- an OWC machine is established in a temple in Delhi to convert horticulture & kitchen waste to compost that is as per national standards.